Chris Rock – Kill The Messenger

Acabo de ver el nuevo especial de Chris Rock para HBO y como siempre me he descojonado. Os dejo un par de sus gloriosas frases y el enlace al torrent. Las frases están en inglés sin traducir porque:

a) No tengo ganas de traducirlas; y
b) El video está en inglés y sin subs, so you better understand that shit, nigger

Acerca del precio de la gasolina:

Gas is so fucking expensive. I don’t even get it. So let me get this straight : We invade a country with oil, with oil!!, but gas costs more? That don’t make no fuckin’ sense! Now, i didn’t go to no fancy school or nothin’, but i tell you this right now:

If i invade Kentucky Fried Chicken, wings will be cheap at my house

Acerca de el sexo oral:

…a lot of women are grosed out right now. “Oh!!, come in the mouth. That’s fucking disgusting! You always wanna come in my mouth” … yeah, half the women in here are grosed out, and the other half are in loving relationships

Acerca de John McCain

72 years old. How many 72 years old people did you see today just doin’ shit!…Seventy fucking two!! You see he hired his nurse to be his vice president too


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